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Innovative Paint Protection Solutions (IPPS)

Toyota Corolla GR Full Interior Paint Protection Film Kit

Toyota Corolla GR Full Interior Paint Protection Film Kit

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Centre Console Trim Film Type
Dashboard Trim Film Type
Installation Kit

Developed and manufactured in-house, bespoke, Pre-cut Paint Protection Film Kit to protect the easily scratched high gloss black interior trim.

Most owners will be aware that the high gloss black trim is easily scratched / swirled even when using the most delicate microfibres during cleaning. The trim also collects dust and finger prints very quickly, resulting in an unsightly appearance. This kit is designed to protect the gloss black finish, prevent any further damage and significantly reduce the finger prints and the collection of dust.

Once fitted, any pre existing scratches / swirls on the trim are hidden. 

Both finishes significantly aid in reducing finger print transfer and the collection of dust (the matte finish more so than the transparent gloss).

The Paint Protection Film used is a high-grade self healing (damage removed with heat) automotive film which boasts high clarity, durability and non-yellowing inhibitors, to ensure a long-lasting, clean OEM+ appearance.


Centre Console Trim Paint Protection Film Kit

Optional Dashboard Trim Paint Protection Film Kit

Optional Installation Kit Contents

Installation Tool (x1 Squeegee)

Installation Fluid (x1 25ml Slip Solution)

Installation Tool & Fluid (x1 Squeegee & x1 25ml Slip Solution)


Toyota Corolla GR (2023+)


Innovative Paint Protection Solutions (IPPS)


2 Years

Coverage Area


Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

Avoid washing the area covered with Paint Protection Film for 14 days after application.

After 14 days, treat the film as paintwork, gently wash the area using a wash mitt and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

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