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Innovative Paint Protection Solutions (IPPS)

Tesla Model X Large Rear Door Arch Paint Protection Film Kit

Tesla Model X Large Rear Door Arch Paint Protection Film Kit

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Installation Kit

Developed in house, bespoke, Pre-cut Paint Protection Film Kit to protect the rear doors / arches (driver and passenger) against road rash / debris. 

Due to the design of the vehicle, the rear doors / arches are susceptible to damage inflicted by road rash and gravel thrown up from the front wheels during daily use. This kit covers a large surface area, protecting the entirety of the impact area.

The Paint Protection Film used is a high-grade self-healing automotive film which boasts high clarity, durability and non-yellowing inhibitors, to ensure a long-lasting, clean OEM+ appearance.

Each kit contains both driver and passenger side pieces, with an accompanying step by step installation guide.

*The area of blue colouration demonstrates the coverage area.

Optional Installation Kit Contents

Installation Tool (x1 Squeegee)

Installation Fluid (x1 35ml Slip Solution)

Installation Tool & Fluid (x1 Squeegee & x1 35ml Slip Solution)


Tesla Model X 2016+


Innovative Paint Protection Solutions (IPPS)


2 Years

Coverage Area


Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

Avoid washing the area covered with Paint Protection Film for 14 days after application.

After 14 days, treat the film as paintwork, gently wash the area using a wash mitt and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

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