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Innovative Paint Protection Solutions (IPPS)

BMW G Series iDrive 8 Instrument Cluster / Navigation Screen Protection Film Kit (G05 | G20 | G21 | G80 | G81 | G22 | G23 | G87 | G42 | G43 | G82)

BMW G Series iDrive 8 Instrument Cluster / Navigation Screen Protection Film Kit (G05 | G20 | G21 | G80 | G81 | G22 | G23 | G87 | G42 | G43 | G82)

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Fitting Tool (Squeegee)

Developed and manufactured in house, bespoke, Pre-cut Paint Protection Film Kit to protect the easily scratched iDrive 8 instrument cluster / navigation screen.

Most owners will be aware that much like the earlier generation BMW's fitted with a digital display, the anti-glare layer on the surface of the cluster / screen is extremely soft and susceptible to scratches / swirls, even when using the most delicate microfibres during cleaning. Furthermore, the anti-glare layer is knows to delaminate and separate from the screen. As a result, overtime, the cluster is difficult to read when in direct sunlight, defeating the purpose of the anti-glare layer.

Once fitted, any pre existing scratches / swirls on the cluster are hidden. Both finishes significantly aid in reducing the sun glare and fingerprints.

Both finishes will mask any underlying pre existing damage (swirls and scratches) to the same extent.

Furthermore, residual fingerprints from use are significantly reduced / less visible once the kit is installed.

The Paint Protection Film used is a high-grade automotive self-healing film which boasts high clarity, UV protection, durability and non-yellowing inhibitors, to ensure a long-lasting, clean OEM+ appearance. 

Film Type

The Matte finish is similar to the OEM finish on the instrument cluster and significantly helps reduce the effects of sun glare.

The Gloss Transparent finish is much like the finish of paintwork; high gloss, and brightens / enhances the resolution of the underlying instrument display.


BMW 2 Series (G42/G43/G87), including M240i & M2 

BMW 3 Series (G20/G21/G80/G81), including M3 & M3 Competition

BMW 4 Series (G22/G23/G82), including 4 & M4 Competition

BMW X5 (G05), including X5M

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Innovative Paint Protection Solutions (IPPS)


2 Years

Coverage Area


Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

Avoid washing the area covered in Paint Protection Film untill 14 days after application.

After 14 days, treat the film as paintwork, gently wash the area using a wash mitt and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

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